November 2021 they confirmed I had head and neck cancer/ THANKS be to GOD I am cancer free! After being diagnosed, I was treated with 4 rounds of chemotherapy, autoimmune therapy and 8 weeks of daily radiation.Sadly, my treatments has cause major dental issues that make eating and talking difficult.Chemotherapy and radiation has affected my jaw, disintegrated teeth, and affect the pH of saliva. I will be having oral procedures to bring back my smile. I’m scheduled for surgery week of Dec 12th, 2022. I have to cancel all appearances and give time for these procedures and my recovery.So many have offered to help ease the burden on Vicki and I. We appreciate your support in bringing back my smile, just when I think I am able to give back and bring awareness of what cancer does it acts like the soda machine and starts taking teeth like they are quarters. Thru Covid and Cancer, now to repair what cancer tried to take! My smile and my story. Thank you for the support thru the Go Fund me and Vicki's Putting on the Foil online store for tshirts, pucks and keychains! It sure helps since no dental benefits and nothing is covered.I really look forward to getting back working. I am fighting daily and will get thru this. Learning alot along the way. Thank you for your generosity for these upcoming dental procedures, dentures and monthly bills.Keep praying and Putting on the Foil. Steve and Vicki Carlson